What we do at I Greppi comes from who we are and where we are.

A group of scientists and pioneers who came together in a vineyard on the Tuscan coast.

Our vines date back to 2001, when the Cancellieri and Landini families planted I Greppi. And now, as we look to the future, we are bringing together a global range of skills and artistry to our vineyard and winery. We have one constant question on our minds:

How can we make the next glass of I Greppi even more delicious?

The Scientists & Pioneers

We have come to understand the potential of this region through careful observation and experience. The protective amphitheatre of hills surrounding Bolgheri, its cool coast and rugged soil offer a unique environment. So when we ask ourselves, how do we continue to be better, we know where to look for the answer.

In our land, our team and our vision.

Greppicaia 2019

Greppicante 2019

Greppicante 2020

Featured Vintage


Powerful, full bodied wine with a seductive & smooth palate


The Land

When you taste I Greppi, you’ll find the influences of hills, sea, soil and lakes.

The Hills

Look inland from I Greppi and you’ll see the Colline Metalifere. An amphitheatre of hills. Covered in a blanket of forests, teeming with wildlife. Guarding a vine-growing haven down to the sea. A unique, distinctive bowl of land.

The Sea

Every glass from I Greppi carries a freshness from the sea. In the past old winemakers said it would be impossible to make wine so close to the coast. But it’s become our secret. In the afternoon, a cooling breeze sweeps over the vines. And leaves its hallmark on your wine.

The Soil

We grow different grapes because we grow on different soils. Some once lay at the bottom of the sea. Some were rivers and streams. The fossils of ancient creatures dot the soils. But each soil has an affinity with a different grape variety. And we’re on a constant journey to match Bolgheri’s 27 soils with our blend of grapes.

The Lakes

Our lakes distinguish us from our neighbours. They influence the climate within the vineyard. A constant, soaking up heat, moderating the cold. And when it’s dry, allows enough water for our vines to thrive when others struggle.

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